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We have extensive professional experience in dealing with complex tax enquiries and investigations from the authorities. We assist clients in ensuring that their tax investigations are effectively and efficiently managed and thereby reducing if not totally eliminating the associated stress with such unpleasant experiences.

Distinguished Tax Representation

We combine in depth technical knowledge with profound confidence acquired over the decades in ensuring that clients tax investigations remain completely focused on the risks associated with the concerns presented by the authorities.

In particular we ensure that any requests for information and the appropriate response to the same are proportionate and handled within the relevant legal and professional framework whilst concurrently engaging the Taxes Management Acts and Her Majesty Revenue and Customs code of practice.

Tax Defence Experts

Our speedy approach to facilitating conclusions to tax enquiries and investigations have been to the extreme delight of our clients. Our aim at all times is to ensure that our clients positions are safeguarded. We strive hard to eliminate prolonged and messing enquiries that have caused thousands of business decision makers sleepless nights. You can go to bed and have a good rest once we are able to accept your instructions to deal with any tax related queries/investigations.

Decades of Experience and Quality Service

Thousands of Clients Satisfied

Trusted Professional Service

Taxation Experts

Proven Success

Tax Investigation - Defence & Representation In Old Street

Our office is ideally located in the City of London Old Street. Contact us for a free consultation or visit us at our office near you.